The Sunken City of San Pedro California.

Screenshot_2016-01-24-07-32-06-1_resizedThe Sunken City of San Pedro (a community in Los Angeles city limits) is what remains of a devastating landslide that occurred 85 years ago.

20160123_154134_resizedA large area of land on the coast began abruptly sliding into the sea, spurring the prompt evacuation of those who had once peacefully resided in the area’s cheery bungalows. Fortunately, everyone got out safely, and even most of the homes were saved, but a few of the old bungalows went crashing into the ocean.

20160123_160937_resizedGeologists could not account for the sudden onset of the landslide, but they were able to measure its destruction. At the height of its slippage, the land was descending at 11 inches per day.

20160123_160127-1_resizedThis made for some very dramatic changes in the landscape in less than a work week. The formerly picturesque neighborhood had been reduced to ruins.

20160123_160005_resizedThe area has known its share of landslides since then, with the most recent being in 2011. A portion of the scenic drive of Paseo Del Mar gave way all at once, leaving a gaping hole where concrete and rock fell almost 100 feet.

There are a few holes beneath the fence in places that many locals and regular visitors know by heart, and there is also the option of climbing over the fence. As formerly mentioned, this area is technically off limits to the public, though fines are rarely imposed on “trespassers.” However, please acknowledge that entering the area is done at your own risk, and is against the law.


ADDRESS:  500 W Paseo Del Mar. San Pedro, CA 90731




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