Olive View Sanitarium. Sylmar, California.

Screenshot_2016-01-30-22-02-28-1_resizedOlive View Sanatorium opened Oct. 27, 1920, as care facility for tuberculosis patients. In 1962 the San Fernando Valley’s first successful open-heart surgery was performed there. That same year, a brush fire that started at the Circle J Ranch in Saugus and where it took out Olive View’s infirmary-surgery building and two garages. Eight hundred patients were evacuated.

Screenshot_2016-01-30-22-02-51-1Little or nothing remains of the once strategic Olive View Sanitarium in Sylmar.

20160130_160132_resizedMost of the structures of the abandoned tuberculosis hospital were destroyed by fire in 1962, and the remainder wiped out in the Sayre Fire years later.

2016-02-01 13.44.58_resizedBUT we visited on a rainy Saturday evening.

20160130_163449_resizedExplored the surrounding remaining CREEPY buildings and ruins.

20160130_154517_resized20160130_154719_resizedAlso visit the ABANDONED Peterson Mini Golf Course built in 1967


ADDRESS: 14450 Olive View Drive. Sylmar, California.



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